Singer Island Market Update – February 2014

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We are now in the midst of Season on Singer Isalnd!  Most condos are lite up at night as everyone is escaping the cold winter weather up north.  Five condos on the Not Here!north end of Singer Island have been rapidly trying to complete their seawalls before turtle season starts on March 1st.  As we complete February 2014, let’s recap the latest stats for condominium re-sales on Singer Island:

  • February saw 11 condo re-sales on Singer Island.  The sold prices averaged 96% of list price.
  • Seventy-three percent of the condo re-sales were under $500K.
  • The average Days-on-Market (DOM) for these sales has jumped to 248 or a little over eight months.
  • There was one short sale in February.
  • The highest re-sale in February was The Resort 1052 for $1,615,000 ($524/SF), and the least expensive sale was Aquarius 405 at $245,000 ($175/SF).
  • As of the end of February, condo inventory decreased slightly to 170 units.
  • Price per square foot of the older condos (built 1969-1989) decreased to $250; and the price per square foot of the newer condos (built 2003-2008) increased to $467.

Turtle Season is Upon Us

Every year sea turtle nesting season begins March 1 and ends October 31. Lights visible from the beach during nesting season adversely affect both adult Turtle Nestingsea turtles and hatchlings by affecting their ability to find the ocean. ERM conducted a study to evaluate the effect of corrective lighting on reducing sea turtle disorientations. The study found that by reducing the number of lights visible from the beach, fewer disorientation events occurred and fewer numbers of disoriented hatchlings were observed which resulted in a lower percentage of nests disoriented.  For further information go to:


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Our Market Update provides detailed information regarding condos newly listed, pending and sold on Singer Island for the current month.

Enjoy this information prepared just for you!

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2014 is starting off to be another great year for the Walker Real Estate Group; as the #1 Sales Team on Singer Island, our goal is to provide our customers a true concierge experience in all their real estate transactions.

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