Singer Island Breakwater Needs a Reprieve

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On March 22, 2011 the Palm Beach County commissioners voted 5-2 to terminate the Singer Island breakwater project; citing environmental concerns and technical doubts.  This ended a 15-year effort to build rock breakwaters off Singer Island and save its fast eroding beaches.

On April 6, 2011, the Riviera Beach city council passed a resolution asking the Palm Beach County commissioners to reconsider their decision; noting that a loss of beach sand on Singer Island also will erode property values, and hence budgets for Riviera Beach and Palm Beach County. It says a narrower beach would reduce the area available for sea turtles to nest.

The 1.2-mile Singer Island Erosion Control Reef System would have consisted of 11 limestone structures about 300 feet off the beach. The submerged structures, designed to dissipate wave energy, would have been 2 feet below the surface at low tide.

District 4 Councilwoman Dawn Pardo, who represents Singer Island, said “It is imperative that the state, county and city move forward with the breakwater project.  Fifteen years of studies point to the breakwater as the only viable solution that will protect the properties and the turtle nesting areas.”

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